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Bear&Cat (Jørn Lavoll & Linn Kathrin Taklo) write and produce world-class music for games, theatre, TV, trailers, artists, events, jingles and more.
We'd love to work with you on your next project, big or small. Get in touch <3


The Holy Gosh Darn

The Holy Gosh Darn is a narrative adventure with a time-travelling twist. Time travel to jump between the past and present across Heaven, Hell, Earth and Helheim. Uncover information in one timeline to alter things in another in a bid to stop your heaven from going bang. Again.


coming 2024!!

- wishlist on steam

Girl Genius: Adventures In Castle Heterodyne

Key_art_1920x1080 (1).PNG

Teslagrad 2

"Simply one of the best indie-soundtracks I've ever heard"

- SwitchUp


"Music and other audio elements are well designed and give off that medieval charm of a town and with a feeling that everything isn’t as it seems."



World to the West

"the music is just top notch"



"The music in this game is seriously some of the best I've ever heard in a game."



Fun Run 3

From the award winning game studio DirtyBit

Music and Sound Design by Jørn Lavoll

Fishing - North Atlantic

by Misc Games



Drømmeriet - En Musikal

We contributed 3 new songs to this fantastic show


A Christmas Carol

New Musical 

"Jørn Lavoll and Linn Kathrin Taklo have written music which is really immediately catchy. The song where Scrooge sings a duet with his employee Crachit about his different approaches to Christmas is fantastic."

- Charlotte Myrbråten

Reisen til Eventyrenes Verden

Concert show with Fyllingsdalen Teater and Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester

Reisen til Eventyrenes Verden.jpg


Nu-cirkus, premiered at Bergen International Festival 2022

directed by Sturle Igland Bjordal

5/6 hearts -

Askepott / Cinderella

New musical, Fyllingsdalen Teater 2019


Vennebyen (City of Friends) Live shows

Score and songs for Vennebyen TV-series and live shows


Brødrene Løvehjerte

"the dark, moody music enhances the overall atmosphere"


robin hood.jpg

Robin Hood

"Jørn Lavoll and Linn Kathrin Taklo have created new music for the play and it is one of the show's absolute strengths. Perhaps I am sentimentally inclined, but few give as many goosebumps as little children in earth-coloured poor folk costumes who sing about people, freedom and justice over a Les Misérables-esque tune."


Spellbinding musical with Fyllingsdalen Teater

"- Magnificent and absolutely fantastic! It is full of emotion and went straight to my heart! It was exciting, scary and awesome! I want to see it next year too!"
- Barn i Byen


A Christmas Tail

by: A Wonderful Adventure, London

music: Bear&Cat


New Musical

"It deserves to be a classic."

- Barn i Byen

lille årins_edited.jpg

Den Lille Prinsen / The Little Prince

directed by: Tore Christian Sævold


Language of


Dreamy pop tunes from Linn Kathrin's duo project with Enrique Castro


Custom theme songs

We have written many signature songs for mascots, youtube channels, podcasts, twitch channels and more.

Let's make one for you!


More about us

For the last decade, Jørn Lavoll (Bear) and Linn Kathrin Taklo (Cat) have composed and produced music for a long list of computer games,  theatre productions and shows. Both Bear&Cat are theatre people by education, but have always had music and composing as their main focus.
Their music is always met by high regards and acclaims, and is recognizable for its infectious melodies, inventive arrangements, dramatic flair, and high production qualities. 

Anette Ståløy - VP of Business & Marketing - Dirtybit

We have collaborated with Jørn in connection with the development of the mobile game Fun Run 3: Arena, where he has composed sound effects and various music tracks. Jørn has experience from working with several Norwegian game developers and games, and quickly understands what we want, both when it comes to larger and smaller assignments. All work is delivered on time in an orderly and professional manner.

Linda Steinhoff - filmregissør

Jørn Lavoll was my first choice as a music composer for my Documentary Film “Voldtatt”, and he didn´t fail to deliver to my highest expectations within deadlines. As a person he is calm, positive, patient and with lots of empathy. He gave me the time I needed, listened carefully and helped as well as encouraged me to find my words to explain how I wanted the music score. He understood perfectly the atmosphere and mood sounds I was looking for to underline the story in the film, and also created several amazing unique strong music scores which left the audience and including myself with goosebumps and earworms.

I can truly recommend Jørn Lavoll as a music producer, and he will still be my first choice for future projects.

Tore Christian Sævold - teaterregissør

When I directed the play Den lille prinsen at Nye Fyllingsdalen theatre, I had the pleasure of having Jørn Lavoll with me as composer. The musical landscape he created became a large part of the piece as a whole, and with his background from the theater industry and with his enormous knowledge of instrumentalisation, he delivered both music and sound effects beyond all expectations. He is efficient, shows great understanding and makes good suggestions. This was invaluable in the artistic process. In addition, he is a very pleasant and likeable person.

Contemporary Dance and other stage art

with music by Jørn Lavoll


All about Mimi

Dance performance by Shlomi Ruimis


Immersive, location-specific performance-meditation

about dark urges.

Inspired by the occult works of

Norwegian author Andre Bjerke.

- learn more



Contemporary dance, by Ann-Terese Aasen

visit: Rapture homepage

Moving Images

Contemporary dance, by Brita Grov

moving images.jpg

a Northern Lights Concert

A nordic fairy-tale concert.

Composed for Norwegian soprano Marianne Juvik Sæbø

- learn more -

Voldtatt / Raped

Award winning documentary

Directed by Linda Steinhoff



a concert performance about the basis of our existence

With Bodil Lunde Rørtveit

- learn more -

Munch Remastered

With Bodil Lunde Rørtveit



Siden Julens magi ble satt opp for første gang i 2013, har vi samarbeidet fast med Musikaljentene som arrangør og produsent av musikken til alle deres Musikaloppsetninger som har blitt årlige tradisjoner her i Bergen:
Julens Magi

Gaten Vår
Barn av Månen

Norske Talenter vinnerinnslag 2023

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