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Rock the studio

A quiet space, a podcast studio, a streaming corner, an audio book corner, a rehearsal room, a karaoke party... or a fully professional studio with a technician included.

(And yes, you can come here with your utdrikningslag)

Right in the center of Bergen.

Linn Kathrin Taklo and Jørn Lavoll beeing goofy and playing ukulele

Yes, we can

Draum studio is a very flexible space with a lot of things preset for you if you want to bring your own productions to a central location. Do you have a podcast and want to record extra guests? Make an episode here! Do you need a space to tutor your hopeful young guitarists? Do you need a quiet and central place (right next to the major theatres in Bergen) to rehearse a monologue or an audition?

Draum studio started out of Jørn Lavoll's neccesity for his own space to record musicians, actors and sfx for his own projects. The studio has grown into a super creative space where everything is løsbart. Get in touch or pop in for a good coffee and a talk.

Jørn Lavoll and Linn Kathrin Taklo. Taklo in a ridicolous looking fake moustache.
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